We are NovaCustom. And we build custom laptops.


premium warranty


firmware updates


spare parts


Our laptops are built to last. We not only offer a 3-year premium warranty, but also provide 5 years of firmware update support. Furthermore, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for up to 7 years after purchase.


In addition to the ‘configure it yourself’ concept, our service manuals allow you to service or upgrade your laptop yourself. Install a new battery or expand the memory – at NovaCustom, you can do this yourself. But we can take care of your device too if you prefer.

Premium service

Good service does not stop after the sale. NovaCustom offers you a 3-year warranty and you can also expect our praised service beyond the warranty period. Our reasonable prices of labour and spare parts ensure that you can enjoy your laptop for longer.

Personal advice

Wessel is your permanent contact person. This assures you of honest advice.

Welcome to NovaCustom! This is what our office looks like.

NovaCustom is an Approved Learning Company with SBB. We regularly have apprenticeships available.

Sustainable energy.

Thanks to energy supply from a roof with as many as 85 solar panels, we use only sustainably generated electricity.

How we build

In the video below, you will see how we replace your laptop’s cooling paste, how we assemble your components, how we laser engrave your laptop and how we install it.

Laser services

Thanks to our laser engraving machine, your laptop will get an even more personal touch. Since our keyboards come in without imprinting, we can realise many keyboard layouts. Furthermore, we can engrave your own logo on the laptop lid or your name on the palm rest part. How cool is that? Customise your laptop with your own logo, just like the examples below.


NovaCustom respects your privacy. For example, we do not use Google Analytics. You can reach us not only via e-mail, the phone or WhatsApp, but also via the privacy-friendly Signal. Furthermore, we always check that the privacy impact is as small as possible when we install the operating system. Even when we install Microsoft Windows!

Examples of laser engravings

Laptop with an engraving.
Laptop with a custom logo.
Self-designed Bépo keyboard.
Arabic QWERTY keyboard.

Dasharo coreboot

Fast, secure and open source.

Open source

Firmware is the control software of the laptop itself. Almost all laptops come standard with Chinese firmware, whose source code is secret. How can you trust your laptop if its operation is secret? Security starts at the source, and that is the code: the source code. NovaCustom supplies coreboot laptops whose source code is published online.

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