We ship with UPS

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Why with UPS?

We ship with UPS, because we have the best experience with this carrier when it comes down to reliability of deliveries. We shipped hundreds of laptops with UPS, and never had a lost package. In addition, delays are very rare. Reliability is the most important point of shipping.

Admittedly, it's not possible to see at what time the package will be delivered, only at which day the delivery will take place. If you are not at home during office hours, we recommend to use a UPS Access Point.

Delivery time

Fast delivery custom notebook

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the order and depends on its configuration. It is mentioned at every product page, below the tab 'Configure laptop'. To check this, click 'Change Options' and scroll down to the 'Delivery time' section.

As flexible as you are

Most options custom laptop builder

Still missing something?

Is it software based? Please mention your wishes or requests while configuring your new laptop, or leave a note at the check-out page.

Is it hardware based? Please contact us so we can check if we can change something.


Discount on new custom laptop

Can I get a discount?

In some cases, it is possible to get a discount. But this depends on certain configurations or quantities. Is the price too high? Please let us check if we can give a discount.

European Union and VAT

European Union and VAT information

How about VAT?

We ship from the Netherlands and charge 21% Dutch VAT. Dutch companies can request to return the VAT from the Dutch tax authority. Companies in the EU but outside the Netherlands won't pay VAT. Continue to check-out and fill-in your VAT number, and it will disappear.

We also ship outside the European Union, but not to all countries. You can find a list of countries at our check-out page. We will refund the VAT if you live outside the EU. However, please note that the local government could charge import duty and/or local VAT.

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