Custom laptop

Is your laptop in need of replacement, but you can’t find the right laptop? Do the standard laptops not meet your needs or do you prefer to configure your laptop yourself? In each of these cases, building your own laptop is the solution. By configuring your own laptop, you can decide how big the screen will be, what software will be installed and how much memory it will have.

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Configure your own laptop

If you want to configure your own laptop, it’s good to have a few things clear in advance. Because everything is possible, questions arise that you have not thought about beforehand. First of all, it is good to think about the size of the laptop: do you want a small screen of 14 inches or a large screen of 17 inches? In addition, each laptop contains a graphics card, which performs all kinds of graphic calculations. Games that use a lot of graphics require a powerful graphics card. Something to keep in mind when creating your custom laptop! You also get to choose the material that the laptop is made of, with a choice of plastic or metal. Do you have questions while configuring or can’t figure out all these choices? Do not hesitate to contact us, because our experts are happy to think along with you.

The advantages of configuring your own laptop at NovaCustom

A custom laptop may not be the most common choice, but it can offer you many advantages over buying an off-the-shelf laptop. Building your own laptop first gives you the freedom to customise your laptop without compromising on computer elements that a manufacturer has already determined for you. Because you build the laptop yourself, you can be sure that the configuration you make will be exactly as you want it. It also allows you to create unique configurations that are not available from other manufacturers. In addition, you can always change parts of your laptop if they are not to your liking. After all, all elements are built into the laptop separately from each other.

Easily order a custom laptop online

Are you eager to compile your own laptop? Then it’s time to get started! It’s very easy to configure your laptop online, with a drop-down menu indicating which elements need to be built into your laptop. These include considerations for the operating system, graphics card, memory, storage capacity, optical drivers and software. Again, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the choices you make during the configuration process.