Clevo keyboard PC50DR, PC70HP, NH55HHQ, NH70RZQ, NP50DB, NS50MU, NL51CU, PB50RF

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This is the most common Clevo keyboard.

Scroll down to the list of compatible model numbers.

Please note that the second number of the model string is only representing the colour of the laptop’s case. As a result, closely resembling model names such as ‘NH57DDW’ are compatible as well. Also, please note that the ‘Q’ or ‘D’ at the end of the model number string is in most cases not relevant for the compatibility of the keyboard.

If your model number is not on the list above, you can contact us and let us know your exact model number so that we can verify the compatibility of this keyboard for your Clevo based laptop.

We have more than enough of these keyboards in stock. We have them as blank in stock and we use our laser engraving machine to get the correct keyboard layout engraved.

  • Select the keyboard layout you would like.

    Please note that the images below are just as a reference of the keyboard layout - they do not represent the actual keyboard, not all signs may be engraved and the physical keyboard layout may look differently.

    After ordering, you will be sent a file with instructions on how to get started creating your own keyboard layout.

    ANSI / ISO

    SUPER key

    Please upload a logo for your custom SUPER key here.



List of compatible models (incomplete):

  • Clevo NH55RZQ
  • Clevo NH55JNPY
  • Clevo NH55HHQ
  • Clevo NH55HJQ
  • Clevo NH55HPQ
  • Clevo NH55VRQ
  • Clevo NH55VPY
  • Clevo NH55DDW
  • Clevo NH55RDQ
  • Clevo NH55RCQ
  • Clevo NH55RAQ
  • Clevo NH55RGQ
  • Clevo NH55RHQ
  • Clevo NH55RAQ
  • Clevo NH55RDQ
  • Clevo NH55EDQ
  • Clevo NH70RZQ
  • Clevo NH70RHQ
  • Clevo NH70RDQ
  • Clevo NH70RHQ
  • Clevo NH70RCQ
  • Clevo NH70RAQ
  • Clevo NH77HHQ
  • Clevo NH77HJQ
  • Clevo NH77HKQ
  • Clevo NH77HPQ
  • Clevo NL51CU
  • Clevo NL51MU
  • Clevo NP50HH
  • Clevo NP50D5
  • Clevo NP50DB
  • Clevo NP50DE
  • Clevo NP70HP
  • Clevo NP70HK
  • Clevo NP70HH
  • Clevo NS50MU
  • Clevo NS70MU
  • Clevo PB50RF
  • Clevo PB50RD
  • Clevo PB50RC
  • Clevo PC50DP
  • Clevo PC50DR
  • Clevo PC50DS
  • Clevo PC50HP*
  • Clevo PC50HR*
  • Clevo PC50HS*
  • Clevo PC70DP
  • Clevo PC70DR
  • Clevo PC70DS
  • Clevo PC70HP*
  • Clevo PC70HR*
  • Clevo PC70HS*

* Require one screw fit to be removed, which we can do free of charge. Please leave a note after placing your order.


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