Laptop with coreboot firmware

NovaCustom invests a lot in open-source coreboot firmware development. This means that we will publish more and more of our laptops with this BIOS/UEFI alternative. coreboot is not only open source, minimalistic and with a focus on GNU/Linux operating systems, the firmware also allows both us and you to modify and optimise it to your needs and wishes. Moreover, we offer 5 years of security updates for our coreboot laptops.

Where other laptop suppliers use the default proprietary Insyde BIOS, we supply our laptops with open source Dasharo coreboot based firmware!

Open source


– Our coreboot firmware is open source. This means that you have the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.
– Our coreboot firmware gives you the ability to study how the firmware works, to change it so it does your computing as you wish. The source code is freely available.
– Our coreboot firmware gives you the freedom to redistribute (modified) copies to someone else. This way, you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes.

Richard Stallman about free software vs proprietary software.

As coreboot is designed to be as minimal as possible, the firmware is lightweight which results into faster boot times, less battery consumption and better performance. coreboot is nevertheless known as a very stable, solid and secure BIOS/UEFI replacement.

Focus on GNU/Linux

Where other firmware is only focusing on Windows, thanks to coreboot and our firmware developers, we guarantee full GNU/Linux support as well.

Another advantage is that we upload new firmware updates, which you can download via the fwupd application (GNU/Linux only). This way, you are assured of having the latest available most secure firmware version without manual flashes.

Even though our focus is on GNU/Linux operating systems, we still fully support Microsoft Windows. For those who are still depending 😉


The coreboot laptops we supply come with security firmware updates that can be automatically installed via the fwupd (Linux) application. We supply new security updates for 5 years. Our coreboot laptops are equipped with advanced security features such as measured boot, verified boot, TPM integration and UEFI secure boot.

Our coreboot laptops:

OpenSource firmware

The coreboot laptops of NovaCustom are based on coreboot OpenSource firmware. Read more about coreboot here.

Dasharo ecosystem

The coreboot laptops of NovaCustom are made with use of the Dasharo ecosystem. Read more about Dasharo here.