Dual-Boot laptop

Do you want to use a GNU/Linux operating system, but some of your programs only run on (ughm) Windows?

We offer the perfect solution! A Dual-Boot laptop.

There are two options at NovaCustom, first we have the regular old Dual-Boot. This means that you have to select your operating system at the system start using a GRUB menu. The second option is to run Windows in a VirtualBox. This allows you to run Windows like a program or application within Linux. Depending on your needs, we are happy to advise you which is the best option for you.

Having a traditional Dual-Boot set-up allows you to use full performance in both systems. On the other hand, you can only use one operating system at the same time.

A VirtualBox allows you to easily switch from operating system (OS) without a reboot – you will even run two operating systems at the same time! The downside is that you won’t get full performance, especially not in the second operating system that is using VirtualBox as it’s host. With VirtualBox, you will always share the performance of the system.

Considering the increase of performance on modern machines, in more and more cases a virtual machine will be sufficient.

Traditional Dual-Boot


GRUB menu

This is how a traditional Dual-Boot system looks like at startup.

VirtualBox Manager window in Ubuntu

This is the VirtualBox menu were you can select your OS.

Are you looking for a new laptop with multiple operating systems?

That’s exactly what we offer 🙂