SnaakSystems becomes NovaCustom!

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Due to our urge to internationalizing and our mind change of what is a convenable business name, we have changed our company name. From October 2018 we will continue our services under the name of NovaCustom. Our company philosophy remains exactly the same as before, our services remains of the same quality.


Not only the people in the Netherlands and Flanders want to configure their own laptop. We also want to present our products to other European countries. This is why we enlarge our focus to the whole European Union and even beyond. On the map you can see to which countries we deliver.


The language we speak is a vital instrument to be able to present something. Therefore we are translating our website to English and German, and continue to update the content in these languages. We will translate our website in French later on. By having content in the buyers main language, we expect the threshold to place an order to be lower.


More than 95 million people across Europe know the English language. In addition, English is the most used language in the world of IT. To be able to convince these people the quality of our products and services, we make all of our content available in English. From the end of October, customers can view the content of this website in English through


In Europe, German is even more popular than English, regarding the amount of speakers. With 118 million people across (mainly) Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, German is the language of the heart of the European Union. From the beginning of November, German speaking customers can buy our products through

Landen waar we naar leveren NovaCustom

How about my warranty?

No worries! This remains valid.  Our brand and name change is only meant to be able to present our products across the border. If you have any questions or comments about the change of our presentation name, please contact us.