Introducing the ‘Intel ME disabling’ feature

At NovaCustom, we’re always striving to provide our customers with the best possible technology. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest technical feature: the Intel ME disabling method for two of our laptops. But what is Intel ME, and why is this feature so important?

Intel ME disabling option

What is Intel ME disabling and why is it important?

Intel ME is a piece of firmware that’s built into all modern Intel-based computers. It has full access to the computer’s hardware, even when the computer is turned off. It’s designed to allow remote management of the computer, which can be useful in some enterprise environments. However, many people are concerned about the security implications of having such powerful firmware built into their computers.

The concerns about Intel ME are not unfounded. Security researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in the firmware that could allow attackers to gain access to sensitive data or take control of the computer. And since the firmware is proprietary, it’s difficult for researchers to scrutinize it for other potential vulnerabilities. For example, in June 2022, the Conti ransomware group targeted Intel firmware tools to create new attack techniques (source).

That’s where NovaCustom comes in. We are offering a new feature that allows customers to disable Intel ME on their laptops. This feature is particularly appealing to customers who are concerned about security and privacy.

The official HECI method for disabling Intel ME

There are two methods to disable Intel ME on a laptop. The first method is the HECI (soft-disabling) method. Mainly proprietary firmware suppliers use this way of ME disabling for laptops like Dell and HP. It is an official method to disable Intel ME that’s not fully trusted by the community. The HECI method only partially disables Intel ME, leaving some functionality still active.

The HAP disabling method: a more secure option

The second method is the HAP disabling method, which involves disabling a bit that acts like a kill-switch. This method has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The HAP disabling method is considered more secure because it’s a hard-disable method that completely turns off Intel ME. The open source community has tested and verified this method of ME disabling, making it a trusted and reliable way to disable Intel ME.

Check out more about the Intel ME HAP disabling method here:

Conclusion: Secure and Private Laptops with NovaCustom

At NovaCustom, we use an open-source firmware distribution called Dasharo for more and more of our laptops series. Dasharo coreboot-based firmware offers the feature called ‘Intel ME disabling’. This feature is essentially the HAP disabling method; the enhanced way to disable Intel ME on the laptop. This means that customers can have peace of mind knowing that their laptops are free from potential Intel ME vulnerabilities.

In summary, the ability to disable Intel ME is an important feature for customers who are concerned about security and privacy. NovaCustom is proud to offer this feature through our partnership with Dasharo. By disabling Intel ME, our customers can have greater control over their laptops and reduce their risk of potential vulnerabilities.

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Laptops with the Intel ME disabling option: