Laptop choice aid

welke laptop past bij mij, welke laptop moet ik kopenYou do not buy a laptop every day. That’s why you want to know which laptop suits you. We have therefore made this laptop choice aid, to refer you to suitable laptop models. Answer the questionnaire below and we will show you which laptop suits you.

After answering the questionnaire, we will automatically apply filters so that we only show the laptops that meet your needs.


Question 1: Which option describes the best for what purpose want to use the laptop?

To use the internet, editing text documents. I do not play games and do not use professional photo and video editing applications.
I use professional photo editing programs and I edit video content. I do not play games.
I am a mid-range gamer: I play 3D games occasionally. In addition, I use my laptop for everyday things.
I am a high-end gamer and it is very important that my games run smoothly.
I'm going to use 3D rendering software

Question 2: A strong video card is required when playing 3D games and with rendering software. A mid-range video card suffices for photo and video editing. Which sentence matches with you?

I do not use 3D games, rendering software or photo editing programs.
I do not use 3D games and rendering software, but I do use professional photo editing programs.
I am a gamer, 3D games have to work well and / or I use 3D rendering software.

Question 3: The size of the laptop is important. If you are often on the move, a small laptop is easier, while a larger device is often easier to see the details on the screen better. How big should your new laptop be?

Small (14.0 inch screen)
Medium (15.6 inch screen)
Large (17.3 inch screen)

Question 4: Do you find it important that the screen is crystal clear?

No, a standard sharpness (Full HD) is fine
Yes, I would like a 4K screen for crystal clear details on the screen