Laptop With 64GB RAM Memory

Are you looking for a laptop with a lot of RAM? At NovaCustom, you can configure your own custom laptop. This way you can configure a laptop with 64GB of RAM. All our laptops are available with a lot of RAM. Simply choose your memory modules yourself, and thus the memory size.

To explain why it is important in some cases to have a lot of working memory available, we have to start with what exactly the RAM memory is.

What is RAM memory?

RAM memory (or ‘internal memory’) is the temporary memory that the processor uses to access temporary data very quickly, without the intervention of a slower SSD or (even) a hard drive. If the RAM memory is full, the processor has to make choices about what should remain in the RAM memory and what should be written to the regular storage medium (SSD or hard disk). This can cause the system to become extremely slow, because the system is not busy with the task that needs to be performed, but instead the processor is doing everything to prevent full memory. If the RAM memory has reached its full capacity, the computer will stuck or even crash.

Which applications need a lot of RAM?

The most common reason for needing a lot of RAM is for a laptop with virtual machines (VM ware or Virtual Box). Virtual machines are operating systems within another operating system. The operating system itself already requires a fair amount of RAM. The virtual machine need at least a few gigabytes to run properly as well. On top of that come the applications that are opened within the mother machine, as well as the programs that are opened within the virtual machine. You can imagine that, especially with multiple virtual machines, it is desirable to have a large amount of RAM available.

Another well-known reason for needing a lot of RAM memory, is having a lot of tabs open in a web browser like Chrome.