Laptop With Custom Keyboard Layout

Ever wondered why the letters on your keyboard don’t just start with A, B, C, D, E, F, and so on, but with Q, W, E, R, T, Y? This originated in the early days of typewriters. Due to the construction of the typewriters, the letters that you often used one after the other had to be further apart, with the abcdef variant the circular bars would otherwise jam against each other when typing too fast.

Different keyboard layouts

Since the introduction of the QWERTY layout on typewriters, hardly anything has changed in the layout of the keys. However, many countries have their own different keyboard layout. For example, in France and Belgium, the AZERTY layout is common, while in Germany and Austria, the QWERTZ layout predominates. There are many more types of keyboard layouts. Furthermore, you have a number of types of keyboard layouts that aim to increase typing efficiency.

A truly custom keyboard layout for your new laptop

With standard laptop suppliers, you are often bound by a certain layout, while we “print” our keyboards on demand: a custom keyboard layout. We do this with the help of a laser machine, see also the video below.

The most used keyboard layout in the Netherlands and Poland
QWERTY (United States)

A common QWERTY keyboard with the international keys engraved as well.

A less usual Dvorak keyboard (US).

A less usual Colemak keyboard (US).

Which keyboard layout do you want?

Do you also need a laptop with a keyboard layout that is different from usual?

Examples of laptops with keyboard layouts that we can make:

  • Keyboard with flat Enter key (ANSI – QWERTY only)
  • Keyboard with big Enter key (ISO)
  • Keyboard with large keys for the visually impaired (ISO)
  • Keyboard with foreign keyboard layout (ISO)
  • Keyboard with combined keyboard layout (ISO)
  • Keyboard with Dvorak keyboard layout
  • Keyboard with Colemak keyboard layout
  • Keyboard with Bépo keyboard layout (ISO)