Laptop without operating system (OS)

What is a barebone laptop?

A barebone laptop is a almost completely stripped notebook which contains mostly only a motherboard, housing and display. Therefore you can configure your own barebone laptop with components, such as: memory, processor, video card, SSD, hard disk, WiFi module and operating system.

Why a barebone laptop?

Geld besparen met barebone laptop

Barebone laptops are less expensive

A barebone notebook is normally less expensive than laptops from known brands as Toshiba or Dell. Barebones are less expensive since you choose your own components. In addition, you can also choose whether you want an operating system or not. This way, you can save on license costs. Another advantage is that you could use your old hard drive, so you don’t loose any data.

Linux Laptop

For they who would rather have a Linux laptop

Are you someone who wants to get rid of Microsoft software and rather uses a Linux operating system? Then you can bypass Microsoft’s monopoly software by buying a barebone. On this site, you can easily configure your own laptop with Linux or even without operating system. We are not partner of Microsoft.

Every customer chooses his own barebone, his own configuration and his own operating system. We have a wide range of configuring options. We do even offer Dual-Boot!

Garantie op barebones

Barebones come with 2 years of warranty as well

We provide 2 years of warranty on all Clevo barebone laptops. Besides, we give 30 days of dead pixel guarantee by default. Your warranty will not void if you install your own hardware, like a hard disk or memory.

Did you buy your laptop at NovaCustom, but having trouble or questions? Please contact us, or learn more about RMA.

A barebone laptop is also suitable for people with no computer knowledge

They who do not have a lot of knowledge of computer hardware could choose a barebone system as well. The laptops work just like the ones which come from mass production of big brands. If you have trouble with your system, you can simply contact your vendor. Bought the laptop at NovaCustom? Of course we will help you. contact us.

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