Linux Laptops

Online and in shops it seems like you can only buy laptops with Windows as the operating system. For many, however, Windows is not the ideal operating system to work with, so they choose Linux. Linux is an operating system that you can adapt to your wishes, because it is open source software.

This means that everyone can download Linux for free. You can even help to improve the software, with the advantage that you can program and set up your laptop yourself. This way, you can make the laptop work the way you want it to.

Most sold Linux laptops

Why configure a Linux laptop?

It was already mentioned above that the open source software offers many possibilities compared to Windows, but Linux has many more advantages. Besides the fact that Linux is free and therefore does not require licence fees, it is a stable operating system that hardly ever crashes and contains hardly any viruses. This has to do with the fact that the number of people using Linux is relatively low, so hackers are less active. Moreover, you always have to give explicit permission before you can install an application.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and the operating system works faster than Windows. In short, for the above reasons, it can be very attractive to buy a custom Linux laptop.

Advantages of Linux

  • Most Linux distributions are free of charge
  • Open source
  • Focus on freedom and user experience
  • Active help community
  • Better privacy
  • A lot of customisation options
  • No Microsoft

Disadvantages of Linux

  • You might get used to a new desktop environment
  • Some applications might not have a Linux version, this means you will have to search for alternative programs (Adobe, Microsoft Office etc.)

Buying a Linux laptop online

In fact, you can install Linux on any laptop, but it is then questionable whether everything works properly. You can also configure your own Linux custom laptop. Not only can you choose which Linux distribution to be installed, but you will also have to consider other elements of the computer. These include the video card, the memory, the storage and the screen size. You may also have to make decisions about certain elements that you don’t know much about. Do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to help you configure your laptop the way you want it.

Distros that we deliver:

Linux Mint