Linux laptops - Best Linux laptop with Ubuntu Mint or Debian

Best preinstalled Linux laptops of today

Do you find it unacceptable that most stores supply laptops with Windows only? Fortunately, there are also stores that sell affordable and fast Linux laptops with pre-installed Debian, LinuxMint or Ubuntu Linux.

Here you will find beautiful laptops without Windows and which work with Linux Out-of-the-Box. All Linux laptops have preinstalled Linux and can be configured to your own liking. Do you prefer an i7 instead of an i3 or a M.2 PCIe SSD instead of an HDD? Everything is possible!

Out-of-the-Box Linux compatible laptops

The laptops we offer with Linux are deliverable with the next preinstalled Linux distributions:

Linux laptop met Debian


Linux laptop met Ubuntu


Fedora Linux project

Fedora Linux

Linux laptop met LinuxMint


Linux laptops met Remix OS

Remix OS

Linux notebook met Elementary OS


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Why open source software?

Save yourself time by not solving Window Problems anymore. GNU/Linux laptops are way more stable than Microsoft Windows laptops. Have you wondered why the use of open source software such as Ubuntu or Debian is better? You read the answer here.