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What laptop size do you want?

The disadvantage of a small laptop is that it doesn’t have a separate numpad on the keyboard. Because of the smaller screen, it might be harder to work on a 14 inch laptop. On the other hand, smaller laptops can be carried easier.

15 inch laptops are a compromise: although they are slightly larger and therefore slightly less mobile, the screen is larger, making it more pleasant to work on. Also, it must be noted that there is a numpad on the keyboard.

17 inch laptops are even more difficult to take with you. That being said, a 17 inch laptop has a numpad on the keyboard and a bigger screen, making it more comfortable to work on.

Do you need a dedicated graphics card?

The disadvantage of a dedicated graphics card is that it is consuming quite a lot of energy, even if it’s not in use; especially when using GNU/Linux. Therefore, we strongly advise against a dedicated graphics card if you don’t use it.

However, a dedicated graphics card is needed if you are a professional high-resolution video editor. If you are working with CAD applications, 3D applications or 3D games, a dedicated graphics card is required as well.

Please note that most applications have recommended system requirements, which often includes a graphics card recommendation.

Are you a 3D content creator, for example do you design 3D applications or animations, or do you use CAD/CAM rendering applications?

You will need a very powerful dedicated graphics card, so we have selected ‘Yes‘.
Do you play video games?

You will need a powerful dedicated graphics card, so we have selected ‘Yes‘.

Are you a professional high resolution video editor?

You will need a dedicated graphics card, so we have selected ‘Yes‘.
We recommend against a dedicated graphics card as you don’t need it, so we have selected ‘No‘.

Do you need Thunderbolt support?

Thunderbolt is a protocol that guarantees faster data transmission over USB-C. Thunderbolt support is needed if you would ever use an external graphics card, or any other external device such as a docking station that is using the Thunderbolt protocol (there are docks that don’t use Thunderbolt). If you won’t use a Thunderbolt device, then you don’t necessarily need Thunderbolt support.

Must the laptop’s case be extra sturdy?

We offer laptops with their case made out of synthetic material, but also laptops with a case that is extra sturdy or even (partly) made out of metal.

If you take your laptop with you a lot, an extra sturdy laptop casing can be useful.