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Fully adjustable

All of our laptops are fully adjustable, so if you would rather install your own components, this is not a problem at all and your warranty won’t void. NovaCustom delivers Custom laptops with a warranty peroid of three years*. Also, we always give one month of dead pixel guarantee.

* See our warranty conditions.

Start configuring now

Start configure by first picking a laptop model which fits to you needs. After that, you can easily configure and adjust the system’s configuration. Choose your own; SSD, HDD, Memory, Processor, Graphics card, WiFi card, Operating System and many more. Need help?

Configure a custom laptop

Personal service

We care about delivering what you expect, and more. This means that we don’t just deliver a good product for now and in the future, but we also deliver extra free service such as setting up and testing your system before we dispatch it. If you’d rather install your laptop yourself, no problem. Read more about us.

Look for a laptop on use

Extreme CAD en gaming laptops samenstellen


Laptops for extreme gaming and heavy graphical 3D applications including CAD/CAM.

high-end game laptops bouwen


Laptops for high-end gaming, photo and video editing and support for other graphical software.

Medium gaming en school laptops zelf samenstellen


Laptops for medium gaming, photo editing, light video editing, internetting and business use.

Normale studie barebone laptops kopen


Laptops for home use, internetting, on the way, business and studying.

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