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coreboot-Firmware development

open-source coreboot firmware development

NovaCustom invests a lot in open-source coreboot firmware development. This means that we will publish more and more of our laptops with this BIOS/UEFI alternative. coreboot is not only open source, minimalistic and with a focus on GNU/Linux operating systems, the firmware also allows both us and you to modify and optimise it to your needs and wishes. Moreover, we offer 5 years of security updates for our coreboot laptops.

Truly custom

Configure your laptop yourself. Choose the desired type and amount of storage memory. You can also select the processor and RAM module that suits perfectly. This way, you can compose something unique made by us and you, for example a laptop with 32 GB RAM, or even a laptop with 64 GB RAM.

Other examples of unique configurations are: laptop with 4 TB SSD, or even a laptop with 8 TB SSD.

Operating system

Almost all laptop manufacturers deliver their laptops with Windows as operating system. But what if you prefer a laptop with Linux, like Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora? NovaCustom is the right supplier for these systems. GNU/Linux operating systems are almost always for free, are much less susceptible to viruses than Windows, and more stable.

We also deliver Dual-Boot laptops. Dual-Boot means that there are two operating systems next to each other. At startup, you choose which operating system you want to start.


When buying a new laptop, you shouldn’t just look for a good price for certain hardware. Even more important is how sustainable your new laptop will be. This is why we apply better thermal paste with a thermal conductivity of 16 W/mK, we do not install unwanted software and we offer spare parts for 7 years after the purchase.

We highly appreciate freedom. We therefore publish service manuals so that you can (and may) maintain and upgrade your laptop. Warranty won’t be void if you open the laptop yourself.

Laser engraving

We ship to all countries within the European Union. With our engraving machine, we can offer a different keyboard layout. Thanks to this machine, we can now provide the laptop with your desired keyboard layout on order.

Your own logo on the laptop case is now also possible. If desired, we also implement your own logo when starting the computer.

3 years of warranty

Where most laptop manufacturers only give a two-year warranty, NovaCustom offers a 3-year warranty. Thanks to individual quality tests with every order, you are assured of a well-functioning system.

We also guarantee fast warranty processing, within 5 working days. In the rare case of a defect, you don’t need to wait long before the repair is completed!

European Union

We offer all EU residents the same service and prices. Furthermore, we do not charge shipping costs within the EU, and we use a reliable parcel carrier with a strong network throughout Europe: UPS.

Although we are located in the Netherlands, we focus on the entire European Union. That is why we also offer our service in DutchGerman and French.

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