Let’s start with the advantages


Right to repair is important: We supply service manuals!

Windows, Linux or both

Real choice freedom in software. From Windows to Linux, or even both.

Most options

Choose the processor, graphics card, memory and storage yourself.

Fast delivery to EU countries

Delivery from own stock, shipping within a few days.

Very best warranty service

3 years of warranty, repair within 5 working days. Service you can expect.

Why NovaCustom?

As no other, we know how important personal contact is when buying a new laptop. We know what you want, but maybe even more important: We know what you don’t want. We can decide what is the best configuration for your new system for you.

Every laptop is personally made, by us. We are the ones who install your laptop and we are the ones who are responsible for the quality of the product. It is not for nothing that so many people wrote a review on Kiyoh.

Wessel Klein Snakenborg

Wessel is the founder of NovaCustom and your contact person. He does his utmost to make customer contact as personal as possible, which is no luxury because of the remote sales. Furthermore, Wessel takes care of the purchase, all peripheral matters and optimises the technical details of the laptops.

Configure yourself

You make your own choices throughout your life. Why not with your new laptop? Do you allow the configuration of your laptop to be determined by suppliers? On this website, you can decide for yourself which components you want in your laptop. This is called a custom laptop. There are countless options in almost every way: from operating system to memory.

Personal advice

We really want to help you, in the way you like. We understand that you might need help when configuring your new laptop. Because you don’t buy a new laptop every day.

Chat with us, call us, send us an e-mail or send a WhatsApp message. We usually respond immediately by chat and telephone, a maximum of 24 hours via the other contact methods. Your messages will also be answered during the weekend. Of course you can also call us, we almost always answer immediately. And if not, we will call you back later.

No Windows? No issue

Do you prefer not to have Windows, or do you want to install your operating system yourself? Do not pay for something you don’t use and configure a laptop without Windows. Prefer Linux? We also supply Linux laptops with different distros. For example, choose; Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Elementary OS or ZorinOS.

Windows and Linux? Dual boot can also be configured easily. We will set it up accordingly.

No unwanted software or bloatware

The ugliest of laptops in common brands is the so-called ‘bloatware’. Who is waiting for dozens of unwanted applications? Even we do not. That is why we promise never to install software without your permission. If you still have a specific program that you wish to have installed on the laptop, no problem. Simply report it during checkout.

Upgradeable and repairable

Sometimes, customers want to upgrade their laptop after a few years with, for example, more memory or another storage drive. We don’t make a point of this. Your warranty on other components will not expire when you replace something. Provided you replace it properly, of course.

To help you, we don’t only supply spare parts for our laptops, we also supply free of charge service manuals that help you to upgrade or repair your laptop.